eSource: Searchlight Books ™ — What Are Earth's Cycles?

Cover: Investigating the Rock Cycle
  • Interest Level: Grade 3 - Grade 5

This essential science offering from Searchlight Books™ will help readers understand the major cycles that take place on Earth. Students will learn how elements in the natural environment interact and change in the course of repeating cycles. Vivid photos, clear text, sidebars, and useful diagrams make these books valuable resources for science education.

Name Size Format
Investigating Animal Life Cycles: Investigating Animal Life Cycles Quiz 51.3 KB PDF
Investigating Plant Life Cycles: Investigating Plant Life Cycles 51 KB PDF
Investigating Seasons: Investigating Seasons Quiz 52 KB PDF
Investigating the Carbon Cycle: Investigating the Carbon Cycle Quiz 70.7 KB PDF
Investigating the Rock Cycle: Investigating the Rock Cycle Quiz 50.7 KB PDF
Investigating the Water Cycle: Investigating the Water Cycle Quiz 50.2 KB PDF
Teaching Searchlight Books ™ — What Are Earth's Cycles?-TG: Series Teaching Guide 2.22 MB PDF

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