eSource: Beginner Biography (LOOK! Books ™)

Cover: Ellen Ochoa: Breaking Barriers in Space
  • Interest Level: Kindergarten - Grade 2

Do you have a favorite role model?

A role model can be someone who makes life better for others, or it can be someone who shows us how to overcome challenges, stand up for others, and never give up. Introduce young readers to some of history’s most inspiring, diverse role models in this biography series for young readers.

Name Size Format
Cesar Chavez: Cesar Chavez Teaching Guide 1.18 MB PDF
Congressman John Lewis: Teaching Guide 696 KB PDF
Daniel Inouye: Daniel Inouye Teaching Guide 1010 KB PDF
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Elizabeth Cady Stanton Teaching Guide 1.13 MB PDF
Ellen Ochoa: Teaching Guide 696 KB PDF
Helen Keller: Teaching Guide 867 KB PDF
Jackie Robinson: Teaching Guide 665 KB PDF
Jim Thorpe: Teaching Guide 786 KB PDF
Ketanji Brown Jackson: Teaching Guide 698 KB PDF
Maria Tallchief: Maria Tallchief Teaching Guide 1 MB PDF
Rosa Parks: Teaching Guide 663 KB PDF
Ruby Bridges: Ruby Bridges Teaching Guide 1010 KB PDF
Sequoyah: Sequoyah Teaching Guide 1.18 MB PDF
Sojourner Truth: Sojourner Truth Teaching Guide 1.06 MB PDF
Will Rogers: Teaching Guide 697 KB PDF
Wilma Rudolph: Wilma Rudolph Teaching Guide 884 KB PDF

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