eSource: Pirates in Class 3

Cover: Pirates in Class 3
  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 3

Join Class 3 on a pirate adventure in their own classroom! An imaginative treasure hunting story unlike any other.

“Someone’s at the window,” said Alex. “Psssssst, open up!” The children gasped. It was a… pirate!

When teacher Ms. Bitsy leaves the classroom, Alex and his friends enjoy their freedom when suddenly there’s a knock at the window! In comes Captain Calamity looking for treasure. With help from a treasure map, the class join the Captain in his hunt, they need to be quick because Pirate Bloodloss is looking too… But where could treasure be hiding in a classroom? What will Ms. Bitsy do when she finds a pirate in her school?

A fun picture book for children aged 3 – 6, this story will spark every reader’s imagination. The classroom setting makes this book perfect for school libraries and group storytimes. A must-read for fans of pirates and adventure lovers!

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Pirates in Class 3: Pirates in Class 3 Coloring Page 289 KB PDF

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