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  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 3

A story of friendship, identity and change. AdoraBULL is a funny and heartfelt tale of care between a boy and a bull.

Alfred visited a hair salon. He strutted home and waited for the barn animals to swoon and sigh at his adorableness. But instead. . . they laughed.

Alfred the Bull and Tom the boy were inseparable, doing everything together on the farm. That is until Tom had to go off to school. One day, Alfred overhears Tom asking his mum for an adorable new pet. Alfred, not wanting to lose his friend decides he can be adorable too. Join Alfred as he tries different schemes to become adorable to keep his friend. Will his schemes work? Can bulls ever be adorable?

A lovely tale recognizing the impact of life changes on a friendship. Well suited to pre-school aged children who are developing their own ideas of self-image and independence.

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