eSource: The Life Heroic

Cover: The Life Heroic: How To Unleash Your Most Amazing Self
  • Interest Level: Grade 4 - Grade 8

Heroes are superhuman. Or at least it’s easy to assume that when you read ripped-from-the-news stories of derring-do. But in reality, almost anyone who’s motivated can be a hero, and the heroes who make the biggest impact aren’t always the ones who make headlines. This approachable, research-backed guide will equip kids with the tools they need to become everyday heroes. Along the way, you’ll hear from real heroes living out the truth of psychologist Phil Zimbardo’s words: “Most heroes are ordinary. It’s the act of heroism that’s extraordinary.”

Name Size Format
The Life Heroic: Hero Quiz 373 KB PDF
The Life Heroic: The Life Heroic Discussion Guide 287 KB PDF
The Life Heroic: The Life Heroic Teaching Guide 9.76 MB PDF

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