Mouse Math ®

Updated on 10 January 2020


Preschool - Grade 1


Say cheese! Albert and Wanda are here! Kids will relate to these spunky mouse characters who live in the walls of a People House and learn about numbers, shapes, sizes, and more—all while avoiding Groucho the dreaded cat! Each book in the Mouse Math® series focuses on a basic math concept and encourages youngsters to think and talk about math. Activities in each book add to the fun!


Name Size Format
A Beach for Albert: A Beach for Albert Printable Activities 2.55 MB PDF
Albert Adds Up!: Albert Adds Up! Printable Activities 2.25 MB PDF
Albert Is NOT Scared: Albert Is NOT Scared Printable Activities 2.26 MB PDF
Albert Keeps Score: Albert Keeps Score Printable Activities 6.83 MB PDF
Albert's Amazing Snail: Alberts Amazing Snail Printable Activities 3.4 MB PDF
Albert's BIGGER Than Big Idea: Alberts BIGGER Than Big Idea Printable Activities 2.53 MB PDF
Albert Starts School: Albert Starts School Printable Activities 2.35 MB PDF
Albert the Muffin-Maker: Albert the Muffin-Maker Printable Activities 2.54 MB PDF
A Mousy Mess: A Mousy Mess Printable Activities 2.29 MB PDF
Count Off, Squeak Scouts!: Count Off, Squeak Scouts! Printable Activities 2.81 MB PDF
If the Shoe Fits: If the Shoe Fits Printable Activities 2.45 MB PDF
Lost in the Mouseum: Lost in the Mouseum Printable Activities 15.2 MB PDF
Make a Wish, Albert!: Make a Wish, Albert! Printable Activities 3.86 MB PDF
Mice on Ice: Mice on Ice Printable Activities 2.56 MB PDF
The Mousier the Merrier!: The Mousier the Merrier! Printable Activities 3.09 MB PDF
The Right Place for Albert: The Right Place for Albert Printable Activities 6.36 MB PDF

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Albert's Amazing Snail: Position Words
Albert's BIGGER Than Big Idea: Comparing Sizes: Big/Small
Albert Starts School: Days of the Week
Albert the Muffin-Maker: Ordinal Numbers
A Mousy Mess: Sorting
Bravo, Albert!: Patterns
Count Off, Squeak Scouts!: Number Sequence
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Lost in the Mouseum: Left/Right
Make a Wish, Albert!: 3-D Shapes
Mice on Ice: 2-D Shapes
The Mousier the Merrier!: Counting
The Right Place for Albert: One-to-One Correspondence
Where's Albert?: Counting & Skip Counting
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