eSource: Great Outdoors Sports Zone

Cover: Upland Bird Hunting: Wild Turkey, Pheasant, Grouse, Quail, and More
  • Interest Level: Grade 4 - Grade 8

This fun, fact-filled series takes a high-interest approach to hunting and fishing. Readers will learn what is involved in different types of outdoor sports, including preparation, techniques, gear, and what kinds of game are sought. The books also emphasize the importance of safety, being respectful of nature, and being a responsible sportsman or sportswoman.

Name Size Format
Big Game Hunting: Additional Websites 528 KB PDF
Big Game Hunting: Big Game Guide Poster 1.48 MB PDF
Freshwater Fishing: Additional Websites 648 KB PDF
Freshwater Fishing: Freshwater Game Fish Guide Poster 1.79 MB PDF
Saltwater Fishing: Additional Websites 529 KB PDF
Saltwater Fishing: Saltwater Game Fish Guide Poster 2.71 MB PDF
Small Game Hunting: Additional Websites 635 KB PDF
Small Game Hunting: Small Game Guide Poster 1.5 MB PDF
Upland Bird Hunting: Additional Websites 646 KB PDF
Upland Bird Hunting: Upland Bird Guide Poster 1.36 MB PDF
Waterfowl Hunting: Additional Websites 531 KB PDF
Waterfowl Hunting: Waterfowl Guide Poster 1.31 MB PDF

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