Tales of Fontania

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 3 - Grade 8


The books in the award-winning Tales of Fontania series are riveting, stand-alone adventure stories for middle school readers. They combine fantasy, steampunk, adventure, science, bravery, and magic. Each book features extraordinary children, challenging journeys, villains, secrets, and disguises.

The author, Barbara Else, explains: “One question underlying the stories is, where do things that appear magical become ‘real’ and able to be explained by science? But I like to feel that some things can’t be explained, that there is a magic in ordinary human decency and respect for each other, and that some things just don’t rely on logic and being rational.”


Name Size Format
The Knot Impossible: Teaching Notes 491 KB PDF
The Volume of Possible Endings: Teaching Notes 479 KB PDF

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