Lightning Bolt Books ® — Biome Explorers

Updated on 3 January 2019


Grade 1 - Grade 3


Introduce primary readers to biomes around the world. Each book presents curricular concepts such as habitats and ecosystems in a way that early readers can understand. With descriptive text and striking photos of wildlife and terrain, this series takes readers on an adventure through the worlds’ fascinating biomes.


Name Size Format
Let's Visit the Deciduous Forest: Lets Visit the Deciduous Forest Teaching Guide 372 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Desert: Lets Visit the Desert Teaching Guide 346 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Evergreen Forest: Lets Visit the Evergreen Forest Teaching Guide 481 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Grassland: Lets Visit the Grassland Teaching Guide 345 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Lake: Lets Visit the Lake Teaching Guide 483 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Ocean: Lets Visit the Ocean Teaching Guide 357 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Rain Forest: Lets Visit the Rain Forest Teaching Guide 486 KB PDF
Let's Visit the Tundra: Lets Visit the Tundra Teaching Guide 484 KB PDF
*Lightning Bolt Books ® — Biome Explorers: Series Teaching Guide Bundle 787 KB PDF

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Title   Lexile GRL ATOS Format Qty
Let's Visit the Deciduous Forest 580 M 3.4
Let's Visit the Desert 520 M 3.1
Let's Visit the Evergreen Forest 570 N 3.2
Let's Visit the Grassland 660 O 3.9
Let's Visit the Lake 570 N 3.4
Let's Visit the Ocean 600 M 3.7
Let's Visit the Rain Forest 650 N 3.6
Let's Visit the Tundra 660 N 3.7
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  • New! Spring 2019

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