Connect with Electricity

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 4 - Grade 6


This highly curricular, STEM-focused series outlines how electrical components work—including circuits, batteries, LEDs, conductors, transistors, and sensors. Designed to support engineering concepts being taught in many schools, including robotics and coding, these titles cover the basic building blocks that future electrical engineers need to know. Books also include examples of how each component is used in modern daily life, as well as simple experiments readers can try on their own.


Name Size Format
*Connect with Electricity: Series Teaching Guide Bundle 708 KB PDF
How Batteries Work: How Batteries Work Teaching Guide 378 KB PDF
How Circuits Work: How Circuits Work Teaching Guide 379 KB PDF
How Conductors Work: How Conductors Work Teaching Guide 372 KB PDF
How LEDs Work: How LEDs Work Teaching Guide 382 KB PDF
How Sensors Work: How Sensors Work Teaching Guide 382 KB PDF
How Transistors Work: How Transistors Work Teaching Guide 379 KB PDF

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