First Step Nonfiction — Backyard Critters

Updated on 12 November 2018


Kindergarten - Grade 2


Engage young readers with basic yet astounding scientific facts about the tiny creatures that live in backyards and parks across the country. Caption call-outs highlight key visual details in the books’ eye-catching images, and informative chapter headings assist emergent readers in locating and identifying main ideas. An educational photo diagram at the end of each book plays up the “yuck!” factor of the insects, in addition to introducing important life science details about each critter.


Name Size Format
Crawling Cockroaches: Crawling Cockroaches Teaching Guide 210 KB PDF
Creeping Caterpillars: Creeping Caterpillars Teaching Guide 211 KB PDF
Darting Dragonflies: Darting Dragonflies Teaching Guide 212 KB PDF
*First Step Nonfiction — Backyard Critters: Series Teaching Guide Bundle 492 KB PDF
Flashing Fireflies: Flashing Fireflies Teaching Guide 214 KB PDF
Slimy Snails: Slimy Snails Teaching Guide 209 KB PDF
Speedy Centipedes: Speedy Centipedes 211 KB PDF
Web-Spinning Spiders: Web-Spinning Spiders Teaching Guide 211 KB PDF
Wiggling Earthworms: Wiggling Earthworms Teaching Guide 211 KB PDF

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Title   Lexile GRL ATOS Format Qty
Crawling Cockroaches 400 I
Creeping Caterpillars 440 H
Darting Dragonflies 510 H
Flashing Fireflies 410 J
Slimy Snails 440 I
Speedy Centipedes 410 J
Web-Spinning Spiders 480 I
Wiggling Earthworms 390 I
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  • Soon! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019
  • New! Spring 2019

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