eSource: Estaciones Crayola ® (Crayola ® Seasons)

Cover: Colores del invierno Crayola ® (Crayola ® Winter Colors)
  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 3

The blue of the summer sky, the orange leaves in fall—celebrate the colors of the season with this charming Crayola ® series in Spanish. Vibrant photos and lyrical text encourage readers to notice color in the real world. Illustrations demonstrate art techniques and encourage readers to create art inspired by the seasonal colors around them. A back matter feature shows the Crayola ® colors that can be found in the photos throughout the book.

Name Size Format
Colores de la primavera Crayola ® (Crayola ® Spring Colors): Crayola Spring Color Teaching Guide 370 KB PDF
Colores del invierno Crayola ® (Crayola ® Winter Colors): Crayola Winter Colors Teaching Guide 380 KB PDF
Colores del otoño Crayola ® (Crayola ® Fall Colors): Crayola Fall Colors Teaching Guide 377 KB PDF
Colores del verano Crayola ® (Crayola ® Summer Colors): Crayola Summer Colors Teaching Guide 368 KB PDF
*Estaciones Crayola ® (Crayola ® Seasons): Series Teaching Guide Bundle 2.43 MB PDF

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