eSource: Conceptos Crayola ® (Crayola ® Concepts)

Cover: El libro de patrones de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Patterns Book)
  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 3

Vibrant photos and engaging text in Spanish resent core childhood concepts with a splash of Crayola ® color. Each title includes simple illustrations that encourage readers to create art inspired by the shapes, patterns, colors, and concepts all around them. A back matter feature shows the Crayola ® colors in photos throughout the book.

Name Size Format
*Conceptos Crayola ® (Crayola ® Concepts): Series Teaching Guide Bundle 1.98 MB PDF
El libro de clasificar de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Sorting Book): The Crayola Sorting Book Teaching Guide 350 KB PDF
El libro de comparar tamaños de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Comparing Sizes Book): The Crayola Comparing Sizes Book Teaching Guide 359 KB PDF
El libro de contar de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Counting Book): The Crayola Count Book Teaching Guide 353 KB PDF
El libro de formas de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Shapes Book): The Crayola Shapes Book Teaching Guide 342 KB PDF
El libro de opuestos de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Opposites Book): The Crayola Opposites Book Teaching Guide 347 KB PDF
El libro de patrones de Crayola ® (The Crayola ® Patterns Book): The Crayola Patterns Book Teaching Guide 346 KB PDF

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