Searchlight Books ™ — How Does Government Work?

Updated on 12 December 2018


Grade 3 - Grade 5


As part of the Searchlight Books™ collection, this series sheds light on an important civics question—how does government work? Informative text, interesting photos, and useful examples will help you find the answer.


Name Size Format
Checks and Balances: CCSS TG Checks and Balances 201 KB PDF
Getting Elected: CCSS TG Getting Elected 157 KB PDF
*Searchlight Books ™ — How Does Government Work?: Series Teaching Guide 727 KB PDF
The Congress: CCSS TG The Congress 161 KB PDF
The President, Vice President, and Cabinet: CCSS TG The President, Vice President, and Cabinet 162 KB PDF

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Title   Lexile GRL ATOS Format Qty
Checks and Balances: A Look at the Powers of Government 670 S 5.1
Documents of Freedom: A Look at the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution 660 S 4.9
Getting Elected: A Look at Running for Office 710 R 4.6
Judges and Courts: A Look at the Judicial Branch 770 S 5.4
The Congress: A Look at the Legislative Branch 740 S 4.9
The President, Vice President, and Cabinet: A Look at the Executive Branch 690 R 4.8
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