Early Bird Nature Books

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 2 - Grade 5


Vivid photographs and clear, concise sentences describe the life cycles of animals and plants. Each title meets the life science standards for lower middle graders and develops vocabulary and language skills. Especially useful for reading hours, Chapter One programs, primary classrooms, and reluctant readers.


Name Size Format
*Early Bird Nature Books: 9780822576341 918 KB PDF
Scorpions: Additional Websites 354 KB PDF
Scorpions: Color the Body Systems 895 KB PDF
Scorpions: Scientific Names Research Assignment 354 KB PDF
Scorpions: Scorpion Activity 351 KB PDF
Tarantulas: Additional Websites 551 KB PDF
Tarantulas: Color the Body Systems 745 KB PDF
Tarantulas: Scientific Names Research Assignment 541 KB PDF
Tarantulas: Tarantula Activity 590 KB PDF
Ticks: Additional Websites 348 KB PDF
Ticks: Color the Body Systems 598 KB PDF
Ticks: Scientific Names Research Assignment 349 KB PDF
Ticks: Tick Activity 343 KB PDF

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