eSource: My Favorite Horses

Cover: Lipizzans Are My Favorite!
  • Interest Level: Grade 3 - Grade 5

My Favorite Horses is sure to appeal to kids with a passion for horses and riding. Each title focuses on a different horse breed, from Arabians to American Quarter Horses. The series introduces readers to the characteristics of each breed, provides a breed history, discusses traits of the breed, and offers information on horseback riding and horse ownership. The text also provides ideas for how kids can get involved with horses—even if they can’t actually own one.

Name Size Format
*My Favorite Horses: Additional Websites 1.21 MB PDF
*My Favorite Horses: Series Matching Game 1.18 MB PDF
Appaloosas Are My Favorite!: Appaloosa Poster 1.09 MB PDF
Arabians Are My Favorite!: Arabian Poster 870 KB PDF
Lipizzans Are My Favorite!: Lipizzan Poster 984 KB PDF
Morgan Horses Are My Favorite!: Morgan Horse Poster 1.03 MB PDF
Shetland Ponies Are My Favorite!: Shetland Pony Poster 1.23 MB PDF

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