Math Matters ®

Updated on 10 January 2020


Kindergarten - Grade 3


Math Matters® offers young readers engaging stories with real-life math connections. Kids will identify with the characters, laugh at their humorous dilemmas, and delight in their clever solutions. Activities support reading and math skills.


Name Size Format
Henry Keeps Score: CCSS TG Henry Keeps Score 144 KB PDF
Super Specs: CCSS TG Super Specs 150 KB PDF
Too-Tall Tina: CCSS TG Too Tall Tina 170 KB PDF
What's Next, Nina?: CCSS TG What's Next Nina 176 KB PDF
Where's Harley?: CCSS TG Where's Harley 149 KB PDF
Where's That Bone?: CCSS TG Where's That Bone 186 KB PDF

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