Bumba Books ® en español — ¡Hora de deportes! (Sports Time!)

Updated on 10 January 2020


Preschool - Grade 1


Lots of kids like to swim, shoot hoops, make goals, or walk on the balance beam. Which sports do you like to play? Learn about different sports and their basic rules with these vibrant introductions, now in Spanish. Full-color photographs engage readers visually, while diagrams help readers identify parts of the playing field or types of sports equipment. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions encourage readers to engage with the content of each book. This series is an excellent introduction to nonfiction reading for children. Let’s play!


Name Size Format
*Bumba Books ® en español — ¡Hora de deportes! (Sports Time!): Series Teaching Guide Bundle 1.5 MB PDF
¡Hora de baloncesto! (Basketball Time!): Basketball Time Teaching Guide 237 KB PDF
¡Hora de béisbol! (Baseball Time!): Baseball Time Teaching Guide 257 KB PDF
¡Hora de fútbol americano! (Football Time!): Football Time Teaching Guide 234 KB PDF
¡Hora de fútbol! (Soccer Time!): Soccer Time Teaching Guide 236 KB PDF
¡Hora de gimnasia! (Gymnastics Time!): Gymnastics Time Teaching Guide 234 KB PDF
¡Hora de natación! (Swimming Time!): Swimming Time Teaching Guide 236 KB PDF

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