Bumba Books ® — Rain Forest Animals

Updated on 3 January 2019


Preschool - Grade 1


Take a trip to the tropical rain forest and get a close-up look at awesome animals! Prowl the forest floor with jaguars, swing around with chimpanzees, and, well, maybe just read about the vampire bats. With amazing full-color photographs, diagrams, and other great features, this series is both an accessible introduction to nonfiction for young readers and a captivating look at some cool animals. What are you waiting for? To the rain forest we go!


Name Size Format
*Bumba Books ® — Rain Forest Animals: Series Teaching Guide Bundle 1.03 MB PDF
It's a Boa Constrictor!: Its a Boa Constrictor! Teaching Guide 286 KB PDF
It's a Chameleon!: Its a Chameleon! Teaching Guide 294 KB PDF
It's a Chimpanzee!: Its a Chimpanzee! Teaching Guide 284 KB PDF
It's a Jaguar!: Its a Jaguar! Teaching Guide 285 KB PDF
It's a Red-Eyed Tree Frog!: Its a Red-Eyed Tree Frog! Teaching Guide 292 KB PDF
It's a Vampire Bat!: Its a Vampire Bat! Teaching Guide 283 KB PDF

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Title   Lexile GRL ATOS Format Qty
It's a Boa Constrictor! 440 K 1.6
It's a Chameleon! 390 K 1.6
It's a Chimpanzee! 400 K 1.7
It's a Jaguar! 330 K 1.6
It's a Red-Eyed Tree Frog! 430 K 1.4
It's a Vampire Bat! 370 K 1.6
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  • New! Spring 2019

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