Lightning Bolt Books ® — Famous Places

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 1 - Grade 3


Explore some of the world’s most fascinating structures and natural places in this visually stimulating series. Compelling photographs and engaging text take readers on a journey through the creation and history of each site, as well as its importance and significance in the world today.


Name Size Format
Mount Rushmore: CCSS TG Mount Rushmore 133 KB PDF
The Alamo: CCSS TG The Alamo 165 KB PDF
The Hoover Dam: CCSS TG The Hoover Dam 127 KB PDF
The Lincoln Memorial: CCSS TG Lincoln Memorial 180 KB PDF
The Statue of Liberty: CCSS TG The Statue of Liberty 152 KB PDF
The Washington Monument: CCSS TG The Washington Monument 146 KB PDF
The White House: CCSS TG The White House 129 KB PDF

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  • New! Fall 2020

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