eSource: Lightning Bolt Books ® — Exploring Physical Science

Cover: Loud or Soft? High or Low?: A Look at Sound
  • Interest Level: Grade 1 - Grade 3

This informative series introduces young readers to basic physics concepts, from gravity and friction to floating and sinking. Bright photos and accessible text clarify each concept and bring curricular topics to life.

Name Size Format
*Lightning Bolt Books ® — Exploring Physical Science: 9780761366935 3.38 MB PDF
All Charged Up: CCSS TG All Charged Up 178 KB PDF
Attract and Repel: CCSS TG Attract and Repel 148 KB PDF
Give It a Push! Give It a Pull!: CCSS TG Give it a Push! Give in a Pull! 167 KB PDF
How Big? How Heavy? How Dense?: CCSS TG How Big How Heavy How Dense 145 KB PDF
Loud or Soft? High or Low?: CCSS TG Loud or Soft High or Low 172 KB PDF
Many Kinds of Matter: CCSS TG Many Kinds of Matter 149 KB PDF
Many Ways to Move: CCSS TG Many Ways to Move A Look at Motion 145 KB PDF
The Energy That Warms Us: CCSS TG The Energy That Warms Us 145 KB PDF
The Energy We See: CCSS TG The Energy We See 163 KB PDF
What Floats? What Sinks?: CCSS TG What Floats What Sinks 146 KB PDF
Why Do Moving Objects Slow Down?: CCSS TG Why Do Moving Objects Slow Down 157 KB PDF

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