Key Questions in Physical Science (Alternator Books ® )

Updated on 10 January 2020


Grade 3 - Grade 6


What kinds of questions did Edison, Tesla, and others ask before they made their big breakthroughs? This high-interest informational series helps readers learn about physical science topics through questions that model scientific inquiry. Clear text, photos, and diagrams cover core physical science curriculum, while each title relates that information to everyday life experiences. A hands-on experiment in each book encourages readers to investigate physical science in their world.


Name Size Format
Electricity Investigations: Electricity Investigations Teaching Guide 320 KB PDF
Energy Investigations: Energy Investigations Teaching Guide 314 KB PDF
Forces and Motion Investigations: Forces and Motion Investigations Teaching Guide 304 KB PDF
*Key Questions in Physical Science (Alternator Books ® ): Series Teaching Guide Bundle 2.06 MB PDF
Magnetism Investigations: Magnetism Investigations Teaching Guide 323 KB PDF
Sound and Light Waves Investigations: Sound and Light Waves Investigations Teaching Guide 308 KB PDF
States of Matter Investigations: States of Matter Investigations Teaching Guide 331 KB PDF

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