eSource: It's Just an Expression

Cover: Put on Your Thinking Cap: And Other Expressions about School
  • Interest Level: Grade 4 - Grade 6

It’s Just an Expression explores the meaning and origin of common idioms in the English language, from “batting a thousand” to “bring home the bacon.” The series’ dual-level approach makes the books perfect for both striving readers as well as advanced learners looking for a fun and challenging read. Students will be enthralled “until the cows come home”!

Name Size Format
All Pooped Out: Extra Idiom Passing Gas 302 KB PDF
At the Eleventh Hour: Extra Idiom A-1 287 KB PDF
Cool as a Cucumber: Extra Idiom The Proof Is in the Pudding 317 KB PDF
Get Your Nose Out of Joint: Extra Idiom Take Your Medicine 313 KB PDF
Keep Your Eye on the Ball: Extra Idiom Batting a Thousand 317 KB PDF
Put on Your Thinking Cap: Extra Idiom A Clean Slate 303 KB PDF
Stick Out Like a Sore Thumb: Extra Idiom Keep You on Your Toes 315 KB PDF
Until the Cows Come Home: Extra Idiom The Bee's Knees 303 KB PDF

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