Tas and Friends — Paperback Set

From the Series Tas and Friends

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  • Interest Level: Preschool - Kindergarten
  • Reading Level: Kindergarten

With a gang of cute characters, Tas and Friends introduces simple words that are perfect for helping beginners to master their reading skills. Each story builds phonics and decoding skills and is ideal for pre-reading in classrooms and home.

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Tas the Cat: Book 1
Tas the Pet: Book 2
Tas Likes Me: Book 3
Tas Can Run: Book 4
Tas Likes a Pat: Book 5
Tas Is Good: Book 6
Bes Is a Bear: Book 7
Tas and Bes: Book 8
Where Is Bes?: Book 9
Bes Is a Toy: Book 10
Tas Likes Toys: Book 11
Tas Likes Ted: Book 12
Ted Is a Panda: Book 13
Tas Can Sing: Book 14
Tas and Babbit: Book 15
Babbit Can Hop: Book 16
Tas Likes Babbit: Book 17
Tas Has Little Legs: Book 18
Who Is It?: Book 19
The Bird Can Talk: Book 20
Bird Had a Big Trip: Book 21
The Trip Was Long: Book 22
The Bird Has a Beak: Book 23
The Bird Saw Tas: Book 24
Bec Is a Bird: Book 25
Tas and Bec Are Happy: Book 26
Tas Likes Bec: Book 27
Bec Can Stop with Tas: Book 28
Bec Can Stay: Book 29
Bec Has No House: Book 30
Bec Likes the Shed: Book 31
The Garden Is Green: Book 32
Bec Is in the Garden: Book 33
The Garden Is Big: Book 34
Tas and Bec Play in the Garden: Book 35
Gem Is in the Garden: Book 36
Gem Likes Bec: Book 37
Bec Can Say Gem: Book 38
Gem and Tas Listen: Book 39
Gem Can Say Words: Book 40
Gem Can Read Words: Book 41
Gem Can Read New Words: Book 42
Tas and Bec Can Hear Gem Read: Book 43
Gem Is Happy to Read: Book 44
Gem Likes to Play a Game: Book 45
Tas and Gem Like to Play: Book 46
The Rope: Book 47
The Tree: Book 48
The Pine Tree: Book 49
Tas and Gem Like to Play a Game: Book 50
Gem Can Say Garden Words: Book 51
Bec Can Say Garden Words: Book 52
The Gate: Book 53
The Gate Is Open: Book 54
Where Is Tas?: Book 55
Gem Looks for Tas: Book 56
What Can Gem Do: Book 57
It Is Brin: Book 58
Tas and Bec Are Home: Book 59
Gem Is Happy to See Brin: Book 60
Tas Is Home on the Mat: Book 61
What Did Gem Say?: Book 62
What Did Brin Say?: Book 63
In the Street: Book 64
What Does Gem Know?: Book 65
What Did Tas Do?: Book 66
What Did Tas See?: Book 67
The Farm: Book 68
What Did Tas Eat?: Book 69
The Pie: Book 70
Tas and Gem at Home: Book 71
Gem Is Not Happy: Book 72
The Bath: Book 73
Tas Is Clean: Book 74
Where Is Bec?: Book 75
Tas and Gem Look for Bec: Book 76
The New Home: Book 77
Brin and Bec: Book 78
Tas and Gem Visit Bec: Book 79
Tas at Home: Book 80
Tas Can Run and Jump: Book 81 New! Fall 2023
Tas Likes Apples and Eggs: Book 82 New! Fall 2023
Bes Is a Toy Bear: Book 83 New! Fall 2023
Ted Is a Toy Panda: Book 84 New! Fall 2023
Babbit Is a Rabbit: Book 85 New! Fall 2023
The Bird Was Thirsty: Book 86 New! Fall 2023
The Bird Can Say Many Words: Book 87 New! Fall 2023
Bec Is in the Shed: Book 88 New! Fall 2023
Tas and Bec Are in the Garden: Book 89 New! Fall 2023
Gem Can Say Many Words: Book 90 New! Fall 2023
Tas and Bec Like to Listen to Words: Book 91 New! Fall 2023
Tas Likes to Play Games: Book 92 New! Fall 2023
Tas, Gem, and Bec Around the Pine Tree: Book 93 New! Fall 2023
Where Is Tas and Bec?: Book 94 New! Fall 2023
Look! Bec Is with Tas: Book 95 New! Fall 2023
Brin and Gem Sit and Talk: Book 96 New! Fall 2023
Tas and Bec Are Going Down the Road: Book 97 New! Fall 2023
What Can Tas Eat?: Book 98 New! Fall 2023
Bec Is Not with Gem: Book 99 New! Fall 2023
Bec Is with Brin: Book 100 New! Fall 2023
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  • Soon! Fall 2024
  • New! Spring 2024
  • New! Fall 2023
Interest Level Preschool - Kindergarten
Reading Level Kindergarten
Category Decodables, Reading/Language Arts
Copyright 2023
Publisher Knowledge Books
Imprint Knowledge Books
Language English
Publication Date 2023-01-01
BISACS JUV009080, JUV043000
Dewey 428