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Ratón Matemático (Mouse Math ®) — Paperback Set

From the Series Ratón Matemático (Mouse Math ®)


  • Interest Level: Preschool - Grade 1   ·  
  • Reading Level: Grade 1

Say cheese! Albert and Wanda are here! Kids will relate to these spunky mouse characters who live in the walls of a People House and learn about numbers, shapes, sizes, and more—all while avoiding Groucho the dreaded cat! Now in Spanish, each book in the Mouse Math® series focuses on a basic math concept and encourages youngsters to think and talk about math. Activities in each book add to the fun!

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¡Alberto suma! (Albert Adds Up!): Adición/Substracción (Adding/Taking Away)
Alberto NO tiene miedo (Albert Is NOT Scared): Palabras de posición (Direction Words)
Alberto lleva la cuenta (Albert Keeps Score): Comparar números (Comparing Numbers)
El increíble caracol de Alberto (Albert's Amazing Snail): Palabras de posición (Position Words)
La grandísima idea de Alberto (Albert's BIGGER Than Big Idea): Grande/pequeño (Big/Small)
Alberto el pastelero (Albert the Muffin-Maker): Números ordinales (Ordinal Numbers)
Alberto comienza la escuela (Albert Starts School): Días de la semana (Days of the Week)
Una playa para Alberto (A Beach for Albert): Capacidad (Capacity)
¡Conteo, ratones exploradores! (Count Off, Squeak Scouts!): Orden de los números (Number Sequence)
¿El zapato perfecto? (If the Shoe Fits): Unidades de medida no convencionales (Nonstandard Units of Measurement)
Perdida en el museo (Lost in the Mouseum): Izquierda/Derecha (Left/Right)
¡Pide un deseo, Alberto! (Make a Wish, Albert!): Sólidos (3-D Shapes)
Ratones en el hielo (Mice on Ice): Figuras planas (2-D Shapes)
¡Mientras más ratones, mejor! (The Mousier the Merrier!): Contar (Counting)
Reguero de ratón (A Mousy Mess): Agrupar (Sorting)
El lugar de Alberto (The Right Place for Albert): Correspondencia de uno a uno (One-to-One Correspondence)
El doble de diversión para Alberto (Albert Doubles the Fun): Suma de dobles (Adding Doubles)
Alberto el ayudante (Albert Helps Out): Contar dinero (Counting Money)
¡Bravo, Alberto! (Bravo, Albert!): Patrones (Patterns)
¿Dónde está Alberto? (Where's Albert?): Conteo y conteo salteado (Counting & Skip Counting)
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Interest Level Preschool - Grade 1
Reading Level Grade 1
Copyright 2018
Publisher Kane Press
Imprint Kane Press
Language Spanish
Publication Date 2016-08-01