A Day in the Life Of

Embark on a captivating journey through a 24-hour period in the lives of some familiar, but often overlooked, animals and plants.

Understanding the important role that even a dandelion or worm has to play in its ecosystem is essential in order for young children to understand the science of our natural world. Engaging text brings the information to life and gives readers the building blocks for reading nonfiction. Each book includes a picture glossary.

Cover: An Ant
Cover: A Tree
Cover: A Snail
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An Ant Soon! Fall 2024
A Dandelion Soon! Fall 2024
A Ladybug Soon! Fall 2024
A Snail Soon! Fall 2024
A Tree Soon! Fall 2024
A Worm Soon! Fall 2024
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  • Soon! Fall 2024
  • New! Spring 2024
  • New! Fall 2023