Espíritu deportivo (Be a Good Sport) (Pull Ahead Readers People Smarts en español — Nonfiction)

Children can learn how to practice good sportsmanship, from trying their best to playing fairly. Now in Spanish, these leveled nonfiction titles help emergent readers build literacy skills.

Cover: Aprender a perder (Losing Well)
Cover: Aprender a ganar (Winning Well)
Cover: Mi mayor esfuerzo (Trying My Best)
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Aprender a ganar (Winning Well) Soon! Fall 2022
Aprender a perder (Losing Well) Soon! Fall 2022
Compañerismo de equipo (Being a Good Teammate) Soon! Fall 2022
Cumplir las reglas (Following the Rules) Soon! Fall 2022
Juego limpio (Playing Fair) Soon! Fall 2022
Mi mayor esfuerzo (Trying My Best) Soon! Fall 2022
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  • Soon! Fall 2022
  • New! Spring 2022
  • New! Fall 2021