Boss Lady Bios (Alternator Books ®)

Featuring figures from a variety of backgrounds, these books celebrate women who dominate their respective fields—big-time change-makers, influencers, and disrupters who aren’t afraid to shake up the system. Each title highlights the subject’s accomplishments, showcases her beliefs using her own words, and calls young readers to action with practical advice so they can take charge in their own lives. From Malala Yousafzai defending girls’ right to education around the world to Ariana Grande using her powerful voice not only to sing but to advocate for others, these strong leaders are truly inspirational.

Cover: JoJo Siwa: Fan Favorite
Cover: Misty Copeland: Principal Ballerina
Cover: Kylie Jenner: Makeup Mogul
Ariana Grande: Music Superstar Fall 2020
JoJo Siwa: Fan Favorite Fall 2020
Kylie Jenner: Makeup Mogul Fall 2020
Malala Yousafzai: Heroic Education Activist Fall 2020
Michelle Obama: Political Icon Fall 2020
Misty Copeland: Principal Ballerina Fall 2020
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  • Soon! Fall 2020
  • New! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019