Tell Me More! Science

Wow! Cool! Look at this! are just some of the enthusiastic reactions that students will have to this series.

Detailed full-page and double-page photographs will grab readers’ attention. And when images produce this “wow” reaction, leaving kids unable to resist finding out more about these fascinating subjects. “Let’s Talk” questions will get readers analyzing the information and thinking like scientists, and the fact-packed narrative text is perfect for nonfiction reading. The books’ topics may be unusual and eclectic, but they closely support the science curriculum. After reading, put your knowledge to the test with a simple science project.

Cover: Why Do Birds Have Feathers?
Cover: Fungi: Colorful Clean-Up Crews
Cover: Bats
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Animal Noses in Action
Creepy Crawly Slime Molds
Fungi: Colorful Clean-Up Crews
In Disguise: How Animals Hide from Predators
Leafcutter Ants
Magnificent Moths
Mud: & How It Helps Animals
Why Do Birds Have Feathers?
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