Searchlight Books ™ — New Frontiers of Space

Examine the most up-to-date findings gleaned in our quest to understand the universe! Learn cutting-edge information about space discoveries ranging from black holes to space tourism. In each book, a Page Plus QR link leads to a 3D-printer-friendly model from NASA.

Cover: Cutting-Edge Journey to Mars
Cover: Cutting-Edge Black Holes Research
Cover: Cutting-Edge Astronaut Training
Title   Lexile GRL ATOS Format Qty
Cutting-Edge Astronaut Training Fall 2019 890 T
Cutting-Edge Black Holes Research Fall 2019 860 V
Cutting-Edge Hubble Telescope Data Fall 2019 800 T
Cutting-Edge Journey to Mars Fall 2019 780 S
Cutting-Edge Space Tourism Fall 2019 730 T
Cutting-Edge SpaceX News Fall 2019 860 T
  • Available in limited formats
  • Soon! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019
  • New! Spring 2019