Little Princess

The Little Princess may be a bit spoiled, but everyone in the castle—her father the King, her mother the Queen, her maid, and all the rest—loves her anyway. Readers will enjoy Tony Ross’s humorous watercolor illustrations as the Little Princess learns that being a princess doesn’t mean she’ll always get what she wants!

Cover: I Want My Dad!
Cover: I Want Snow!
Cover: I Want a Friend!
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I Didn't Do It!
I Don't Want to Go to the Hospital!
I Feel Sick!
I Want a Bedtime Story!
I Want a Friend!
I Want a Party!
I Want a Sister!
I Want My Dad!
I Want My Light On!
I Want My Mom!
I Want Snow!
I Want to Do It Myself!
I Want to Go Home!
I Want to Win!
I Want Two Birthdays!
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