Funny Bone Books ™ First Chapters — The Jupiter Twins

Trudy and Tina are best friends. They are also twins. Trudy loves adventure and Tina is happy to go along for the ride—as long as it is a smooth ride! Young readers will enjoy the familiar adventures with the Jupiter Twins. First Chapters books are easy introductions to chapter books for young readers. Jupiter Twins books range from 850 to 1,200 words each.

Cover: Vacation on Venus (Book 6)
Cover: The New Kid on Jupiter (Book 8)
Cover: Music on Mercury (Book 7)
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Field Trip to Mars (Book 1)
Lost on Earth (Book 2)
Scout Trip to Saturn (Book 3)
Party on Pluto (Book 4)
Carnival on Neptune (Book 5)
Vacation on Venus (Book 6)
Music on Mercury (Book 7)
The New Kid on Jupiter (Book 8)
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