The Little Prince

Discover a modern, graphic-novel take on a timeless classic! The Little Prince is adapted from the TV series based on the classic masterpiece by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, which has sold more than 145 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 253 languages.

The universe is in danger: the stars are going out one by one along the path of the Serpent. The Little Prince, determined not to let evil rule the galaxy, leaves his asteroid and his beloved Rose to embark on a monumental quest. Accompanied by his faithful friend Fox, he will discover vast worlds set off kilter by strange rules and dangerous strife and will use his extraordinary gifts to help bring balance to each planet.

Cover: The Planet of the Snake: Book 24
Cover: The Planet of Bamalias: Book 23
Cover: The Planet of Ashkabaar: Book 22
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The Planet of Wind: Book 1
The Planet of the Firebird: Book 2
The Planet of Music: Book 3
The Planet of Jade: Book 4
The Star Snatcher’s Planet: Book 5
The Planet of the Night Globes: Book 6
The Planet of the Overhearers: Book 7
The Planet of the Tortoise Driver: Book 8
The Planet of the Giant: Book 9
The Planet of Trainiacs: Book 10
The Planet of Libris: Book 11
The Planet of Ludokaa: Book 12
The Planet of Tear-Eaters: Book 13
The Planet of the Grand Buffoon: Book 14
The Planet of the Gargand: Book 15
The Planet of Gehom: Book 16
The Planet of the Bubble Gob: Book 17
The Planet of Time: Book 18
The Planet of the Cublix: Book 19
The Planet of Coppelius: Book 20
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The Little Prince — Hardcover Set
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