Tricky Journeys ™

Are you ready for Tricky Journeys™? You’ll find yourself right smack in the middle of tricks, jokes, thrills, and fun in these action-packed books. Each page tells what happens to the trickster and his or her friends. You get to decide what happens next. Read each page until you reach a choice. Then pick the choice you like best. But be careful…one wrong choice could land these tricksters in a mess even they can’t trick their way out of!

Combining folktales with interactivity and vocabulary-building text, these Twisted Journeys™ style books for a younger age range each feature a different trickster animal in stories adapted from classic world folktales.

Cover: Tricky Raven Tales: Book 4
Cover: Tricky Spider Tales: Book 5
Cover: Tricky Fox Tales: Book 3
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Tricky Coyote Tales: Book 1
Tricky Rabbit Tales: Book 2
Tricky Fox Tales: Book 3
Tricky Raven Tales: Book 4
Tricky Spider Tales: Book 5
Tricky Monkey Tales: Book 6
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