Nola's Worlds

In Alta Donna, the weather is mild, sunsets are spectacular, and the stars twinkle brightly in a flawless night sky. But the perfect days are way too long for newly-teenage Nola. Wedged between her hyperactive mother, an overenthusiastic best friend named Pumpkin, and her father’s new family, Nola is excited to break away from the day-to-day when she meets Damiano, a star baseball player with the reflexes of a cat. She’s less excited to meet his sister Inés, a girl obsessed with looking pretty. When suspicious events surround the two, Nola decides to investigate—and discovers they’ve escaped from a book in the school library to live as normal kids in Alta Donna, which, it turns out, is the border keeping fantasy from slipping into reality. The most insignificant-seeming characters leaving the fairy-tale world has set every story out of balance. The storybook villains would like to keep things that way and want to eliminate Damiano and Inés once and for all. The ferrets who run Alta Donna are after them too. A dreamer like Nola may be the only person who can see both worlds clearly enough to save the day.

Cover: Ferrets and Ferreting Out: Book 2
Cover: Even for a Dreamer Like Me: Book 3
Cover: Changing Moon: Book 1
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Changing Moon: Book 1
Ferrets and Ferreting Out: Book 2
Even for a Dreamer Like Me: Book 3
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