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Readers need a true diversity of books to not only see themselves, but to see that they are part of a big, beautiful, diverse world. Finding joyful and unique representations of character and story engages readers and enriches literacy and learning. Inclusive representation in books leads to empathy and social and emotional skill-building. Read for a Better World provides an inclusive literary collection and teacher resources that will help students grow as readers and as people in the classroom and beyond.

New in Fall 2023 from Read for a Better World

Read about Dinosaurs

Go back millions of years in time to meet the dinosaurs that used to walk the Earth. Detailed images, diagrams, and STEM snapshots help bring these animals to life for beginning readers.

Read about the Past

Give young readers a peek at life in the past, comparing and contrasting how things were for previous generations with how they are now. The books contain prompts for SEL connections, helping readers connect to times gone by.

Read about Vehicles

From emergency trucks to race cars, kids will love this close up look at all types of vehicles. With STEM connections and thoughtful questions, this series is a lively and engaging first look at things that go.

Also available from Read for a Better World

Read about Holidays

Give young readers a peek inside various holidays we celebrate. With questions that encourage connection, and social and emotional supports for educators, this series brings holiday traditions to life for young learners.

Read about Sports

Introduce young readers to popular sports! These accessible titles explain the equipment needed and the basic rules of eight sports. Social and emotional connections encourage readers to think about what it would be like to play on a team.

Read about Ocean Animals

Beginning readers will get their feet wet with these introductions to ocean animals. In addition to curricular information, reflection questions and family/educator engagement tips help connect the topic to the reader’s life. These books are sure to make a splash!

Read about Senses

Our senses help us observe and understand our world. This curricular topic is explored though an integrated approach to learning with embedded SEL questions and family/educator engagement tips at the beginning and end of each book.

Read about Space

Give curious kids a first look into space. Diagrams, photos, and illustrations combined with easy-reading text and SEL connection questions, the books provide a learning experience that is out of this world!

Read about School

Prepare new learners for school with this kid-friendly series. From the bus to recess to the 100th day of school, kids learn what to expect. Reflection questions and family/educator engagement tips provide social emotional connections.

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