Spring 2024

Eyes Open

Portugal, 1967. Sónia thinks she knows what her future holds. She’ll become a poet, and together she and her artist boyfriend, Zé Miguel, will rise above the government restrictions that… Read More →

  • Dewey: [Fic]
  • Copyright: 2024


“Employing tightly bound poems, Miller-Lachman weaves the perils of authoritarianism into the dynamics between Sónia and her family, and highlights Sónia’s activist awakening and the power of protest.”—Publishers Weekly View →


“The verse format allows Sónia’s poetic voice to shine, drawing readers into the stark reality she’s dealing with. . . Conveys harshness, beauty—and lingering hope.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews View →


“Beautifully and fluidly written, Miller-Lachmann’s memorable verse novel captures the setting splendidly, dramatizing the abysmal condition of women under the dictatorship.”—starred, Booklist View →


“A revealing, timely glimpse into Portugal’s frighteningly recent history and a passionate, authentically teen portrait of one young woman finding her voice, claiming her power, and writing her way to freedom.”—Melanie Crowder, author of Jumper View →


“Deeply engrossing and moving. Miller-Lachmann is masterful in showing us the heart of a girl who’s finding her voice and the soul of a country in conflict with itself.” —Betty G. Yee, author of Gold Mountain View →


“Sensuous. Atmospheric. Compelling. You won’t want to put this one down.”—Ellen Hopkins, author of the Crank trilogy View →


“Beautifully-written verse perfectly captures this young poet standing up to injustice. A must read!”—Kip Wilson, YA author of White Rose and The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin View →