Spring 2024

Just Another Story: A Graphic Migration Account

"This is the story of Carlos and Elena, the story of thousands, the story of my country . . . This is just another story." When Carlos was nineteen years old, his mother decided to leave her… Read More →

  • Dewey: 741.5/97284
  • Copyright: 2024


“With delicacy and grace, Salvadoran cartoonist Saade crafts a resonant and distinctive graphic novel debut . . . Each panel is a testament to individual resilience, culminating in an expansive story of human beings triumphing against unspeakable odds.”—starred,… View →


“Powerful vignettes weave the epic odyssey of one family’s migration while highlighting the risks and sacrifices undertaken daily by migrants searching for the American dream. The striking illustrations deftly convey complex emotions and poignant symbolism.”—starred,… View →