Spring 2024

The Rock in My Throat

At first, no one noticed when I stopped talking at school. In this moving true story, Kao Kalia Yang shares her experiences as a young Hmong refugee navigating life at home and at school.… Read More →

  • Dewey: 973/.0495972092 [B]
  • Copyright: 2024


“A nature motif runs throughout the scenes, anchoring the girl in a world that requires no language, just the songs of birds and movement of growth. This is a gorgeous and deeply empathetic look at the refugee experience and what it means to feel truly alone in the… View →


“Tenderly told in first person, Yang’s lyrical autobiographical picture book depicts her childhood struggle with selective mutism. Her descriptions of how selective mutism presents at school are vivid and authentic. . . Lin’s earth tones and muted colors reflect… View →


“Yang traces a Hmong-speaking child’s experience of selective mutism. . . Lin’s digital illustrations employ scale and perspective to smart effect.”—Publishers Weekly View →


“A heartfelt story that teaches children about diversity and reflects difficulties with being different, understood, and accepted.”—starred, Booklist View →


“Yang’s poetic prose sings in perfect unison with Lin’s gorgeously textured illustrations, rendered in earthy tones . . . A powerful window into the perspective of a young immigrant.”—Kirkus Reviews View →