Yuck, You Suck!: Poems about Animals That Sip, Slurp, Suck

Warning: this book sucks! It bites, slurps, and sticks too. Dare to open these pages and you'll find ticks, mosquitos, stingrays, elephants, jellyfish, and the particularly sucky lamprey.… Read More →

  • Lexile: 650
  • Dewey: 590
  • Copyright: 2022


“The colorful, comical illustrations bring about a lively scene and show animals with highly expressive facial features. Teachers may want to add this title as a literature connection to a study on animals or animal features.” –Children’s Literature View →


“A delightful book that amuses and educates.”—starred, School Library Journal View →


“[S]ufficient suckers and lappers of blood, ranging from fleas and mosquitoes to vampire bats, lampreys, and leeches, to gleefully put anyone off their lunch.”—Kirkus Reviews View →