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How to Be a Difficult Bitch: Claim Your Power, Ditch the Haters, and Feel Good Doing It

In the past, being a "difficult bitch" was bad. Girls weren't supposed to call people out for their BS, stand up for themselves, or do their own thing..….not anymore! This book embraces the… Read More →

  • Lexile: 970
  • Dewey: 305.242/2
  • Copyright: 2022


Children's Literature Comprehensive Database (CLCD)

“There are important life lessons within the covers of this book.” –Children’s Literature



“[U]nleash that inner bitch! . . . The title and bright cover art will attract browsers; the real-world applications and affirmative messages will keep them reading.”—Booklist


Kirkus Reviews

“A thoughtful, engaging, bad-ass crash course in moxie, self-confidence, and self-love.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews