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Beni's War

It's Yom Kippur Eve in 1973, and twelve-year-old Beni thinks his biggest problem is settling in at his new school in the Golan, where his family moved at the end of the Six-Day War. But on… Read More →

  • Lexile: 680
  • Dewey: [Fic]
  • Copyright: 2020


Historical Novel Society

“Stein’s story is not a coming-of-age story; it is a coming-together story.” — EDITOR’S CHOICE Melissa Warren, Historical Novel Society


Jewish Book World

“What I enjoyed most in this book is the personified experience of a tween; how accurately the author described such everyday inner stories as magical thinking (‘get better’), the angst of being bullied, the elevating feeling of forgiving someone, the excitement of learning something…


School Library Journal

“Readers will be motivated by Beni’s perceptiveness and inspired by the strength he demonstrates through acceptance—even towards the enemy.” — Rebecca Redinger, Lincoln Park Branch, Chicago P.L, School Library Journal Starred Review


AJL Newsletter

“Beni’s War depicts neither an idealized Israel nor a flawed country which needs to be apologized for. Instead, it faithfully paints life as lived in a country where war is never far away.” — Marjorie Gann, retired teacher; author of Five Thousand Years of Slavery, Toronto, Canada,…


Kirkus Reviews

“Readers coping with shattered contemporary realities will recognize themselves in a child’s fears and growing empathy.” — Kirkus Reviews