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Monstrous: The Lore, Gore, and Science behind Your Favorite Monsters

Bursting with blood, guts, history, and science, this book is a must-have for monster lovers of all ages Could Dr. Frankenstein's machine ever animate a body? Why should vampires drink from… Read More →

  • Lexile: 1100
  • Dewey: 001.944


Shelf Awareness

“Beccia tickles her audience’s prefrontal cortexes with eye-opening biology, riveting physics, savory nutrition and more, to prove that ‘Science is stronger than fear.’”—Shelf Awareness


The Washington Post

“In ‘Monstrous,’ which is filled with Beccia’s sharp and funny illustrations, you can learn loads of basic monster facts (such as ‘Where to find the Kraken and other sea creatures’ and ‘The anatomy of Godzilla’), as well as more offbeat information (such as ’How to communicate with a…


Publishers Weekly

“®eaders will savor details about how history, superstition, and human perception have inspired some of the most feared and beloved monster legends.”—Publishers Weekly


School Library Journal Online

“[T]he connections to history and science also make the text fascinating and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny.”—School Library Journal



“A fantastically researched, absolutely delectable approach to science education.”—starred, Booklist


Kirkus Reviews

“Informative and entertaining throughout for readers undead or otherwise.”—starred, Kirkus Reviews