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I Remember Beirut

Zeina Abirached, author of the award-winning graphic novel A Game for Swallows, returns with a powerful collection of wartime memories. Abirached was born in Lebanon in 1981. She grew up in Read More →

  • Lexile: 460
  • ATOS: 3.1
  • Dewey: 741.5'95692


Library Media Connection

“This spare memoir humanizes families trapped in war zones, and their experiences should resonate with young adult audiences. Highly Recommended.”―starred, Library Media Connection


The Horn Book Magazine

“[T]he author revisits that era in a loosely connected series of sobering vignettes and impressions, each beginning with the phrase ‘I remember’…. In one particularly striking spread, Abirached envisions the family’s many relocations as the squares of a board game.” —The Horn Book…



“Abirached’s childlike memories altogether compose a deeply personal portrait of Beirut unlike any historical account, and for readers curious about conflict in the region, it will provide a useful, humanizing entry point.” —Booklist


Publishers Weekly

“Abirached’s prose and artwork convey, with grace and humor, the way her family’s life during the war shifted from mundane to ominous and back again…. Abirached shares (and readers feel) a loss that cannot be named.” —Publisher Weekly


Kirkus Reviews

“Taken together, her many memories create a distinct sense of time, place, and emotion. Meandering and experimental but surprisingly evocative.” —Kirkus Reviews