Water Can Be . . .

From the Series Can Be . . . Books

Water is water, puddle, pond, sea. But now can you guess what else it can be? Water can be a . . .thirst quencher, kid drencher, cloud fluffer, fire snuffer. Find out about the many roles… Read More →

  • Lexile: 310
  • Dewey: 553.7
  • Copyright: 2014


“[A] contemplative and thought-provoking ode to the forms water takes and the functions it serves, both practical and whimsical.” —starred, Publishers Weekly View →


“The text is perfect for creating mental images and showing children what the words look like. The traditional and digital media used for the illustrations create a delicate tone for the book. Each page has an ethereal beauty that brings the text to life.” —School Library View →


“Dabija’s illustrations, created with a combination of traditional and digital techniques and filled with simple shapes and vivid, vibrant colors, are misty, scratchy, sometimes-impressionistic, always atmospheric—in a word, beautiful….Kids of all ages will gain a new… View →