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provides nonfiction and fiction books that educate, empower and entertain readers. We publish under several imprints and brands, each with a unique age and content focus. We also offer exceptional children’s books from our partners through Lerner Publisher Services. Whether you are looking for engaging picture books, high-quality supplemental nonfiction, graphic novels, or boundary-pushing young adult novels, you will find what your readers need to grow and learn.


Lerner Publishing Group does not accept unsolicited submissions or queries from unagented or unreferred authors. Occasionally, we may put out a call for open submissions, which will be announced in our Press Room. Those open calls will include detailed instructions.

Lerner Publishing Group Imprints

Carolrhoda Books®

Carolrhoda Books has been publishing high-quality, award-winning books since 1969. Our picture books spark children’s imaginations and offer new ways of looking at the world. Our middle-grade books stand out not only for their quality, but also for the breadth of genres encompassed, from coming-of-age stories to exceptional nonfiction to mysteries. Carolrhoda authors and illustrators have been honored with awards such as the Coretta Scott King Book Award, the Robert F. Sibert Informational Book Medal, and the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award. We believe that all children should be able to find themselves in the pages of a book.

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Carolrhoda Lab®

Carolrhoda Lab is dedicated to publishing unflinching, voice-driven narratives that enthrall and challenge teen readers. Our books examine teenage life from many different perspectives, allowing YA readers to explore new and surprising ways of thinking about themselves and the world around them. Tackling relevant issues through a wide variety of genres, Carolrhoda Lab is proud to offer thought-provoking stories told by fresh voices. Our list includes many titles recognized with starred reviews and awards, including Printz Honor Awards and a National Book Award Finalist.

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Darby Creek™

Darby Creek publishes series fiction for emerging, striving, and reluctant readers ages 8 to 18 (grades 4–12). From chapter books to page-turning YA novels, our books engage readers with strong characters, exciting premises, and accessible formats. Darby Creek makes reading an adventure instead of a challenge or a chore.

If you’re a librarian, a teacher, or a parent with a reading checklist, we’ve got books for you. Action? Check. Fantasy? Check. Humor? Check. Real-world drama? Check. Readers can experience spine-tingling brushes with the supernatural, gripping survival stories, suspenseful mysteries, high-impact sports stories, and more.

Download the High/Low Fiction Flyer.

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ediciones Lerner

ediciones Lerner offers high-quality fiction and nonfiction titles for young Spanish speakers and Spanish-language learners. Each book is translated from Lerner’s English-language originals into approachable, universal Spanish by Spanish-speaking professionals and educators. ediciones Lerner provides a varied and eclectic list of curricular, high-interest, and engaging series and single titles.

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First Avenue Editions™

First Avenue Editions is a paperback and eBook imprint, spanning all ages and grade levels. Its First Avenue Classics™ eBook series places well-loved classic texts into fresh, attractive layouts, making it easy for readers to engage with masterpieces of literature on digital devices.

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Graphic Universe™

Graphic Universe publishes fiction and nonfiction graphic novels for beginning readers, middle-grade readers, and young adults. Our authors and artists include industry veterans and up-and-coming talents.

Graphic Universe launched in 2006 as Lerner Publishing Group’s home for graphic novels. The Graphic Universe list strives for a global reach and a range of voices, with books that share stories from the United States and around the world.

The cartoonists and writers of Graphic Universe are explorers, chasing down the many possibilities the comics form has to offer. And as more and more graphic novels make their way into libraries, backpacks, and family bookshelves, Graphic Universe gives readers the chance to be explorers too.

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Kar-Ben Publishing®

Founded in 1974 and with over 400 titles in print, Kar-Ben is the largest publisher of exclusively Jewish-themed children’s books in the world, publishing 18-20 new, high quality children’s titles each year. Subjects include fiction and nonfiction for preschool through middle school, including Jewish holiday books, life-cycle stories, Bible tales, folktales, stories about Israel, and Jewish history, reflecting the rich cultural diversity of today’s Jewish family.

As the American Jewish community continues to evolve, Kar-Ben takes seriously its commitment to publishing high-quality stories on a wide range of Jewish topics. We want our books to not only teach important lessons about being Jewish in today’s world, but also to bring the joy of Judaism to families no matter what their level of Jewish practice.

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Lerner Publications

With exceptional print and digital resources, Lerner Publications is the flagship imprint of Lerner Publishing Group. Founded in 1959, the imprint has long been a trusted resource for high-quality, educational content.

Kid-friendly, dynamic designs and engaging text explore topics such as STEM, animals, sports, history, holidays, biographies, hands-on activities, and more. Striking designs and eye-catching photography deliver high-interest presentations that delight readers and educators alike. Innovative features, diagrams, and digital extensions support comprehension and encourage reader engagement.

As one of the most established and respected educational imprints, Lerner Publications offers books kids love and educators trust.

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LernerClassroom is a paperback imprint featuring high-quality, educational titles that were published in hardcover in our Lerner Publications imprint. Kid-friendly, dynamic designs and engaging text explore topics such as STEM, animals, sports, history, holidays, biographies, hands-on activities, and more. Striking designs and eye-catching photography deliver high-interest presentations that delight readers and educators alike. Innovative features, diagrams, and digital extensions support comprehension and encourage reader engagement.

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Millbrook Press™

Play. Experiment. Innovate. Millbrook Press publishes informational picture books and photo-driven titles for grades K–5. Our authors and illustrators approach curricular topics with fresh perspectives, unusual points of view, and a good dose of humor. Our fact-filled books draw readers in with engaging writing, high-quality photographs, and a wide variety of illustration styles. We believe nonfiction should be distinctive and memorable, both inside and out.

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Twenty-First Century Books™

Twenty-First Century Books is committed to creating high-interest and curriculum-related nonfiction content across disciplines, cultures, and points of view. We strive to provide materials that help our readers understand and engage in critical thinking about the contemporary world and our history. Twenty-First Century Books titles are excellent launching pads for stimulating in-depth research and for supporting evidence-based coursework, and our books foster an awareness of and commitment to the pleasures and rewards of nonfiction reading.

We hope readers will come away with a wealth of ideas fostered by the richness of nonfiction reading and the vistas it opens. Nonfiction can offer a new understanding of the world and its peoples, a better appreciation of current affairs, and a more profound relationship with the issues we debate and the challenges we face. It can also enlighten our understanding of complex, groundbreaking, and exciting STEM topics and give us a chance to delve into the pictorial aspects of life on our planet. We hope readers will find a range of relevant connections to the information they want and need for pursuing their interests and for pursuing a deeper understanding of the issues that excite and challenge their minds.

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Zest Books™

Zest Books is a leader in young adult nonfiction, publishing books on entertainment, history, science, health, fashion, and lifestyle advice. Our award-winning books are attractively designed, well researched, smart, and easy to read. So whether you’re looking for better ways to cope with stress, new options for life after high school, or a bit more pop culture blended into your information, we’ve got a book for you! Founded in San Francisco in 2006, Zest joined the Lerner Publishing Group family in 2018. Zest’s most notable titles include How Not to Be a Dick: An Everyday Etiquette Guide, Queer, 2nd Edition: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens, and 97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School.

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Lerner Publisher Services

Andersen Press

For over forty years, Andersen Press has been discovering new talent and helping authors win prizes and critical acclaim. Andersen Press USA publishes work from Britain’s most original children’s book creators and fiction writers.

Distributed by Lerner Publishing Group, the Andersen Press USA imprint brings some of the most well-known and best-loved children’s books that have been published in the United Kingdom to American readers. The collection includes select titles from David McKee’s endearing line of Elmer books and Tony Ross’s entertaining Little Princess series, as well as single titles from the ever-humorous Jeanne Willis, the artistically gifted Satoshi Kitamura, and many other talented authors.

Each season, Lerner Publishing Group staff handpick titles from among the dozens of wonderful books published by Andersen Press, one of the UK’s foremost independent children’s book companies. Founded in 1976 by Klaus Flugge, Andersen Press is renowned for its picture books and prize-winning fiction for young adults. In the Andersen Press USA editions, British spellings and word choices are Americanized, to avoid distracting young readers and better suit the US market.

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Big & Small

Based in Australia, Big & Small publishes educational, curriculum-driven picture books. The bright, creative illustrations are matched with clear and engaging stories. World renowned author Joy Cowley has specifically edited these educational storybooks for the American student in grades pre-K to 4. She says, “Story is the ideal vehicle for teaching values to children. We know that didactic text does not work, but situations presented in story form are non-threatening and are remembered because they are entertaining. I particularly enjoyed the fine illustrations and production of these books.”

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Cheriton Children’s Books

Cheriton’s mission is simple: to create books that inspire a lifelong love of learning. We believe that education begins by sparking an interest and then fanning that flame. That is why we fill our books with top-quality information that is delivered in a readable and engaging style. We take curriculum-linked topics, add innovative themes, and combine them with a color-rich design that keeps readers turning the pages—and finding out more. Our books cover a huge variety of topics, from history, geography, literature, and science through social studies and art and activity books. Whatever the topic, our aim is to reach out to readers and help them discover how rewarding learning can be.

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Creston Books

Creston Books was featured in the Horn Book as “a small press with a purpose.” We focus on diversity and outside-the-mainstream books, with a large share of our books by debut talent, featuring African-American, Asian-American, Latino, Philippino, and more creators, all telling their stories. Since 2013, our titles have garnered many starred reviews from Kirkus, Booklist, School Library Journal, and Publishers Weekly. In a Village by the Sea by a debut author and illustrator was on the shortlist for the Caldecott, and Ada Byron Lovelace and the Thinking Machine garnered four starred reviews along with several awards, including the Cook Prize Honor.

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Full Tilt Press

Full Tilt Press is a publisher of high-interest nonfiction that targets upper elementary and middle school students, but is written on a more accessible reading level. Full Tilt content piques the interest of the hardest-to-reach students, with short chapters packed with fascinating facts and amazing photos that leap off the page. Information is presented with the goal of reaching, inspiring, and supporting striving readers.

Full Tilt books are informative and feature-rich, with an index, glossary, fun-fact callouts, activities, and comprehension questions. They cover complex topics in a variety of content areas, all with ties to Common Core. Topics range from space travel to civil rights to wilderness survival—even superstitions and the supernatural! High-interest content written with more accessible language means that even your striving readers can enjoy informational nonfiction about topics that match their interests. Full Tilt Press titles are the ones your students will pick up, relate to, stay interested in, and be able to read successfully.

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Gecko Press

Gecko Press is a New Zealand-based, small-by-choice, independent publisher of children’s books in translation. Gecko Press publishes a curated list of books from the best writers and illustrators in the world.

Gecko Press books celebrate unsameness. They encourage us to be thoughtful and inquisitive, and offer different—sometimes challening, often funny—ways of seeing the world. They are printed on high-quality, sustainably sourced paper with stitched bindings so they can be read and re-read.

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Hungry Tomato®

Hungry Tomato offers high-interest, engaging nonfiction for readers ages 8-12, bringing together eye-catching imagery with curricular topics in an easy-to-browse format. Humorous asides and entertaining facts draw in even the most reluctant readers and keep them entertained as they learn. Hungry Tomato titles cleverly introduce scientific and historical concepts through short bursts of text supplemented by intriguing photos, cutaway and imaginative illustrations, hands-on experiments, or factoids and puzzles. The wide range of topics presented in a fun, interactive manner are sure to leave readers hungry for more!

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JR Comics

JR Comics® is an independent comics publisher of classic Chinese stories. We have won praise for converting the beloved Chinese stories into accessible and exciting graphic novels with illustrations by renowned artists.

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Lantana Publishing

Lantana is an award-winning children’s book publisher and social enterprise with a mission to publish inclusive books celebrating diversity, social equality, and environmental sustainability. We are proud to work with authors from under-represented groups, and from across the globe, and we print our books with non-petroleum-based inks on Forest Stewardship Council certified paper to minimize our carbon footprint.

Founded in 2014 by Dr Alice Curry, winner of the 2017 Kim Scott Walwyn Prize for women in publishing, Lantana believes that great books can change mindsets. Our strapline – because all children deserve to see themselves in the books they read – underpins our aim to create a more inclusive book landscape for the next generation of young readers.

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Live Oak Media

As the industry leader in award-winning readalongs since 1983, Live Oak Media offers exceptional word-for-word audio recordings that are intended to be listened to while following along in the book. These readalongs are distinctive because of the innovative process we’ve developed to produce audio of carefully-selected picture books and beginning readers.

Live Oak Media has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors, including two ALA Odyssey Awards (including the inaugural Odyssey Award), three Grammy Awards, and multiple Audie Awards and ALA Notable Children’s Recordings.

Now, these recordings are available in an exciting digital format—eReadalongs—eBooks fully integrated with the high-quality audio productions that Live Oak Media creates for every book. With eReadalongs, children can have the same experience that they have when they sit down with a physical book and read along with the audio. But now they can do it on their computers or iPads!

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Lorimer Children’s & Teens

Let’s get kids reading! It was this simple idea that got Lorimer into children’s publishing back in 1975. Today, with over 500 children’s books in print, Lorimer Children & Teens continues its mission to find and publish titles that reviewers and award juries recognize for quality and which successfully appeal to reluctant readers.

One of our top priorities is to publish books that deal with contemporary social issues in a way that engages kids and teens who may not yet have discovered the joys of reading. We want to grab the attention of young readers with books that connect to the things they care about; we want them to discover the fun in reading about kids like themselves, who live in communities just like theirs.

Our goal of reaching these readers is evident in stand alone fiction and the series books that we currently publish, including Illustrated humor (funny, hi/lo fiction with doodles and comic-strip illustrations for ages 8-12), Sports Stories (high/low action-packed sports fiction for ages 10-13), Recordbooks (high/low sports biographies for ages 12+), SideStreets (high/low, edgy, realistic fiction for ages 13+), Deal With It (non-fiction, illustrated conflict resolution series for ages 9-14), Real Love (diverse, high/low romance novels that focus on realistic teen relationships for ages 13+).

In addition, Lorimer’s sister publisher, Formac Publishing, publishes early chapter books for ages 5-8 in dyslexia-friendly layouts. We acknowledge the support of the Ontario Arts Council and the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund for our publishing activities.

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Maverick Arts Publishing

Maverick Arts Publishing Ltd launched in 2009 and started by publishing predominantly children’s picture books. The company has over a hundred books, including board books, activity books, early readers, graphic reluctant readers and junior fiction.

Maverick continues to grow and maintains a strong ethos of creating quality books for children to treasure. They have partnered with Lerner to distribute into the American market some of their top picture book titles in Americanized English.

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New Frontier Publishing

Creating children’s books to educate, uplift, and inspire

New Frontier was established in Australia in 2002 with the motto ‘to inspire, educate and uplift children’. Our expertise is in primary school age books. The UK list was launched in 2017, which included Fiction and Picture Books. In 2019, we expanded into early years titles with our new Catch A Star imprint, and in 2020, launched US distribution in partnership with Lerner Publisher Services.

Our aim is to introduce international authors and illustrators to the world stage. New Frontier publishes books that children will want to read again and again. Our books are of the highest quality as we believe children deserve the best.

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Page Education Foundation

In 1988, Diane and Alan Page created the Page Education Foundation to encourage Minnesota students of color to pursue post-secondary education. From its inception, the Page Education Foundation has offered financial assistance to students of color facing barriers to attaining their educational dreams. In turn, these young leaders return to their communities to serve as tutors and role models for elementary and junior high school students. Thirty-three years later, almost $16 million in Page Grants has been awarded to more than 7,700 Page Scholars. Our Page Scholars have given nearly 500,000 hours of volunteer service to communities across Minnesota, impacting the lives of over 50,000 children

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Quarto Library

Ever since The Quarto Group’s inception, each book has been specifically designed to make learning exciting, stimulating and fun for children. Our diverse range of titles covers everything from entertaining, innovative facts for the classroom to beautifully illustrated fiction that kids will want to take home. Get inspired and get learning—the fun starts here!

The Quarto Group creates fresh, informative, high-quality books that entertain, educate and enrich the lives of children, parents and teachers alike. Subjects range from art instruction, crafts, history, coding and technology, science, nature, and more.

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Red Chair Press

Red Chair Press books support a child’s character development, social-emotional development, and academic development. Our fiction and nonfiction books are created to inspire children to be the best they can be, to be positive contributors to their communities, to build a foundation for good decision-making for a lifetime, and to have fun while learning.

Established in 2009, Red Chair Press has grown from producing early leveled readers to a full line of fiction and nonfiction titles spanning ages 4 to 12 (PK to grade 5).

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Ruby Tuesday Books

At Ruby Tuesday Books, our mission is simple—to publish beautiful and informative books that kids will love to read. From ways to combat plastic pollution to exploding bugs, from asteroid hunting to adorable baby animals, our books bring non-fiction subjects to life for children in Grades preK to 8.

Working with teachers, scientists, and experts in many fields, we develop stimulating text that is packed with captivating facts. We hunt out the most unusual and exciting photos. We infuse our books with vibrant colors and lively visuals that will engage even the most reluctant readers.

Our most recent US series were the classroom editions of Get Started With STEM. This series has free downloadable resources for teachers. Click to see all resources now!

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Soaring Kite Books

Soaring Kite Books is a small independent publisher formed to give a voice and a presence to underrepresented main characters in children’s books. While children can learn important values from book characters of any background, it builds children’s confidence and self-esteem to see and read literature featuring characters that look like them.

We Do Listen

The We Do Listen Foundation publishes the fun and educational Howard B. Wigglebottom series of picture books that help 3-8 year old children become better listeners, learn important life lessons and feel good about themselves.

Subjects of the books in the series include listening, self-esteem, making the best of things, sportsmanship, bullying, getting along with others, anger management, manners, generosity, telling the truth, trust, courage, friendship, belonging, divorce, moderation, loss and healing.

We are a group of writers, artists, designers, educators, therapists, parents and teachers. We share a vision of a kinder world with more harmony and peace and a better life for everyone to enjoy. Our books are teacher, counselor, parent and children endorsed.

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Lerner Publications Brands

Alternator Books®

Alternator Books energize nonfiction reading. This powerful brand features a wide range of curriculum and high-interest topics. With engaging informational text, fresh approaches, and dynamic designs, Alternator Books are sure to spark curiosity and jump-start reading engagement.

Reading Level:Grades 4-5
Interest Level: Grades 3-6
32 Pages | Trim size 7×9

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Bumba Books®

Bumba Books are dynamic nonfiction books for grades PreK–1. With clear, lively text and fresh, vibrant photos, these carefully crafted books inspire wonder about the world. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions, diagrams, and a photo glossary help build nonfiction reading skills.

Reading Level:Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades PreK-1
24 Pages | Trim size 9×9

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Cloverleaf Books™

Spark imaginations with bright, playfully illustrated books that are a thoroughly kid-friendly introduction to the world of informational fiction!

Reading Level:Grades 1-2
Interest Level: Grades K-2
24 Pages | Trim size 9 3/4 × 9 3/4

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Crayola® Books from Lerner

Unlock a world of color with Crayola books from Lerner. Vibrant photography and engaging text explore seasons, science, culture, holidays, and more through the lens of color. Hands-on activities and inviting text encourage readers to find inspiration in the colorful world around them.

Reading Level:Grades 1-2
Interest Level: Grades PreK-3
24-32 Pages | Trim size varies

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Early Bird Stories™

Charming illustrations and engaging storytelling deliver fiction and nonfiction content in fun narratives. Comprehension questions encourage readers to actively engage with the content.

Reading Level:Grades 1-2
Interest Level: Grades K-2
24 Pages | Trim size 9 3/4 × 9 3/4

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First Step Nonfiction

Explore interesting topics and build literacy skills while introducing beginning readers to informational texts. Bright photos and simple sentences support nonfiction concepts and vocabulary development.

Reading Level:Grade 1
Interest Level: Grades K-2
24 Pages | Trim size 6 1/4 × 7

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Garfield® Books from Lerner

Get your paws on entertaining new nonfiction featuring beloved comic-strip cat Garfield! With hilarious commentary and illustrations, Garfield books guide young readers through a variety of topics while having fun along the way.

GARFIELD © Paws, Inc. All rights reserved.

Reading Level:Grades 2-5
Interest Level: Grades 3-4
32 Pages | Trim size varies

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Lerner Sports™

Lerner Sports books bring excitement from the field into readers’ hands.

Reading Level:Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades 2-5
32 Pages | Trim size 7×9

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Lightning Bolt Books®

Engage young readers with fascinating nonfiction topics, easy-reading text, vivid photos, and a colorful design. Familiar examples make abstract concepts easy to grasp.

Reading Level:Grades 2-3
Interest Level: Grades 1-3
24-32 Pages | Trim size 7 3/4 × 10 1/4

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Pull Ahead Readers

Help young readers build literacy skills with paired nonfiction and fiction series! Simple text patterns support emergent readers as they build their recognition of high-frequency sight words while strong photo-text matches help them predict unfamiliar words. Teaching guides and other tools accompany each title.

Reading Level:Grade K
Interest Level: Grades PreK-1
16 Pages | Trim size 6×8

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Learn more about Pull Ahead Reader pairings on our blog.

Read Woke™ Books

Read Woke™ Books are created in partnership with Cicely Lewis, the Read Woke librarian. Inspired by a belief that knowledge is power, Read Woke Books seek to amplify the voices of people of the global majority (people of African, Arab, Asian, and Latin American descent and identify as not white), provide information about groups that have been disenfranchised, share perspectives of people who have been underrepresented or oppressed, challenge social norms and disrupt the status quo, and encourage readers to take action in their community.

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Visit the Read Woke page for additional resources and to learn more.

Searchlight Books™

Searchlight Books support elementary readers’ quest for knowledge and turn questions into answers. Straightforward informational texts build expository skills while photos and diagrams provide additional content support.

Reading Level:Grades 3-4
Interest Level: Grades 3-5
32-40 Pages | Trim size 7×9

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Sesame Street® Books from Lerner

Learning is better with friends! Grow stronger, smarter, and kinder with new books from Lerner and Sesame Street! Young readers will explore fascinating languages and discover food literacy alongside Big Bird, Elmo, and their favorite Muppets.

© 2020 Sesame Workshop®, Sesame Street®, and associated characters, trademarks, and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. All rights reserved.

Reading Level:Grades K-1
Interest Level: Grades PreK-2
32-48 Pages | Trim size varies

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UpDog Books™

What’s UpDog? Exciting high/low nonfiction that’ll have readers begging for more.

Reading Level:Grades 1-2
Interest Level: Grades 3-5
24 Pages | Trim size 7×9

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