Grade 2

Tombstone Sandwiches and Other Horrifying Lunches

From the Series Little Kitchen of Horrors

What can be as awful to look at as it is awesome to eat? Your lunch! Learn how to create a variety of lunch entrees that are both repulsive and tasty. Cook up dishes like juicy bat wings… Read More →

  • Lexile: 790
  • Dewey: 641.5/3


Yazan no longer goes to the park to play, and he no longer sees his friend who lives next door. Everything around him is changing. His parents sit in front of the television with the news… Read More →

  • Lexile: 540
  • ATOS: 3.0
  • Dewey: [Fic]

Tony Hawk

From the Series Amazing Athletes

When extreme skateboarder Tony Hawk completed the 900, spinning two and a half times in the air before landing, he made sports history. A professional skateboarder from the age of fourteen… Read More →

  • Lexile: 740
  • ATOS: 4.2
  • Dewey: 796.22'092

Tony Romo

From the Series Amazing Athletes

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has one of the most high-profile jobs in sports. As the starting quarterback for "America's team" since 2006, Tony has amassed impressive stats and wowed… Read More →

  • Lexile: 680
  • ATOS: 4.1
  • Dewey: 796.332092

Too Many Cooks: A Passover Parable

Bubbe is interrupted while she is making charoses for the Passover seder. While she chats on the phone, family members wander into the kitchen and add their own "special ingredient" to spice… Read More →

  • Dewey: [E]

Too Many Pumpkins

From the Series Live Oak Media eReadalong

Baked, stewed, or mashed, pumpkins remind Rebecca Estelle of the Great Depression when that was all her family had to eat. When an enormous pumpkin falls off a truck and smashes in her yard… Read More →

  • ATOS: 4.2

Too Much of a Good Thing

You can never have too much of a good thing--or can you? Roman King Antoninus loves observing Shabbat so much, he proclaims that his kingdom will celebrate every day of the week instead of… Read More →

  • Dewey: [Fic]

Too-Tall Paul, Too-Small Paul

From the Series Real Kids Readers — Level 2

There are two Pauls in class - one tall and one small. They other kids make fun of them, but both Pauls know that size doesn't matter to friends. Read More →

  • Lexile: 480
  • ATOS: 1.8
  • Dewey: [E]

Too-Tall Tina: Comparing Measurements

From the Series Math Matters ®

Tina's had a growth spurt. Will she get used to being Too-Tall Tina in time to avoid disaster on Sports Day? Read More →

  • Lexile: 490
  • ATOS: 2.2
  • Dewey: [E]

Tooth by Tooth: Comparing Fangs, Tusks, and Chompers

From the Series Animal by Animal

What animal would you be if a few of your teeth grew so long that they stuck out of your mouth even when it was closed? What would you be if your top canine teeth grew almost all the way down… Read More →

  • Lexile: 820
  • ATOS: 4.6
  • Dewey: 599.9'43

Tooth Fairy's First Night

Sally has always longed to be a tooth fairy. On her seventh birthday, she is finally going off to get her first tooth, with the most important rule—“You must never wake a sleeping child!”… Read More →

  • Lexile: 280
  • ATOS: 4.0
  • Dewey: [E]

To Planet Earth!

From the Series Cloverleaf Books ™ — Space Adventures

Earth is truly amazing! It has giant glaciers, gorgeous canyons, and it's the only planet we know of with intelligent life. Ian is exploring Earth with his tour guide, Dr. Sally. Join them as… Read More →

  • Lexile: 550
  • ATOS: 3.1
  • Dewey: 525


From the Series Pull Ahead Books — Forces of Nature

How do tornadoes form? Where do tornadoes strike? How can you stay safe during a tornado? Read this book to discover the answers! Read More →

  • Lexile: 610
  • ATOS: 3.5
  • Dewey: 551.55'3

To Root, to Toot, to Parachute: What Is a Verb?

From the Series Words Are CATegorical ®

What is a verb? It's easier to show than explain! In this fun and animated introduction to grammar, rhyming verse is used to creatively clarify the concept of verbs. Chock-full of colorful… Read More →

  • ATOS: 3.7
  • Dewey: 428.2

Tortoise, Tree Snake, Gator, and Sea Snake: What Is a Reptile?

From the Series Animal Groups Are CATegorical ™

What is a reptile? Turtles, iguanas, crocodiles, and many other creatures are all reptiles! Read More →

  • Lexile: 570
  • ATOS: 3.1
  • Dewey: 597.9

Tortuga in Trouble

From the Series Live Oak Media eReadalong

This fourth book about the amigos, who made their debut in the ALA Notable Recording MANANA IGUANA, presents a witty variation of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, with a southwestern… Read More →

  • ATOS: 1.8

Totally Uncool

What would you do if your dad found a new girlfriend--one who was completely, totally uncool? No one could be worse than Dad's new girlfriend, whom he calls (ugh) "Sweet Potato." Totally… Read More →

  • Dewey: [E]

To the Moon!

From the Series Cloverleaf Books ™ — Space Adventures

The moon is amazing! It has craters, "oceans" of lava, and lots of awesome space rocks. Neil's imagination takes him on a trip to the moon. Join him as he explores mountains and hills, spots… Read More →

  • Lexile: 550
  • ATOS: 3.2
  • Dewey: 629.45/4

To the Stars!

From the Series Cloverleaf Books ™ — Space Adventures

How do stars shine so bright? Stella's imagination takes her on an adventure to explore the stars. Join her on a mission to visit constellations, learn about the closest star to Earth, and… Read More →

  • Lexile: 560
  • ATOS: 2.8
  • Dewey: 520

To the Sun!

From the Series Cloverleaf Books ™ — Space Adventures

The sun brings light, heat, and energy to Earth! Leela's imagination takes her on a journey to explore the sun. Come aboard her spacecraft as she orbits around the sun and learns what makes… Read More →

  • Lexile: 570
  • ATOS: 3.0
  • Dewey: 523.7

Towering Brachiosaurus

From the Series When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

Its colossal body, tall front legs, and long neck allowed Brachiosaurus to feast on food no other land-dwelling plant-eater could reach. Stretch up alongside Brachiosaurus and find out about… Read More →

  • Lexile: 620
  • ATOS: 5.2
  • Dewey: 560

Tower of Babel

When all the people in the world spoke one language, life was convenient but boring. So the townsfolk of Shinar decide to build a tower. As they reach the heavens, they proudly congratulate… Read More →

  • ATOS: 4.0
  • Dewey: [E]

Toy and Game Projects: Making Slime, Flipping Bottles, and More

From the Series Unplug with Science Buddies ®

Technology has made playtime a lot of fun. But there are tons of ways to play that don't require keyboards or screens. From making slime to flipping bottles, you can create your own toys and… Read More →

  • Lexile: 750
  • Dewey: 745.592

Toys and Games Then and Now

From the Series First Step Nonfiction — Then and Now

Briefly describes how toys and games have changed through the years, including such topics as how playgrounds differ and how today's toys relate to those of the past. Read More →

  • Dewey: 790.1'33