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Cover: The Tiny Woman's Coat

The Tiny Woman's Coat

“Now I have a new favourite cosy read to add to my collection . . . Joy Cowley is one of New Zealand’s best-loved writers, and with the help of Giselle Clarkson’s evocative illustrations she tells another story of the powers of collectivism as a tiny woman, chilly in… View →

Cover: The Cholent Brigade

The Cholent Brigade

“Mr. Monty Nudelman is a mensch (good person). On Friday morning following a big storm, he happily shovels snow from the sidewalks, alleys and front porches of his neighbors so they can prepare for Shabbat. When he does not show up for Shabbat services on Saturday morning, View →

Cover: No Baths at Camp

No Baths at Camp

“Max insists that he never took a bath the entire time he was at summer camp. When Mom announces bathtime, Max gives her a complete account of all his adventures, with lots of grimy details, from Sunday to Saturday of each week. There’s rock climbing, theatrics, marshmallow… View →

Cover: When Lulu Went to the Zoo

When Lulu Went to the Zoo

“Andy Ellis’s When Lulu Went to the Zoo is the rhyming story of a crusading four-year-old who climbs into cages at the zoo and sets the animals free. A delightful wish-fulfilment fantasy with a message about how captivity ‘makes the life go out of the… View →