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Cover: How to Live on the Edge

How to Live on the Edge

“Burgeoning with questions like Can we love after we’ve lost? and Can we fight fate?, this powerful story answers yes!”—NoNieqa Ramos, author of The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary and The Truth Is View →

Cover: The Truth Is

The Truth Is

“In her luminous, raw, and open-hearted exploration of identity, grief and first love, NoNieqa Ramos has created an unforgettable character in Verdad.”—Michelle Ruiz-Keil, author of All of Us with Wings View →

Cover: The Truth Is

The Truth Is

“NoNieqa Ramos’s unflinching voice and writing style continues to cement her as a force to be reckoned with in the YA world.”—Mia García, author of The Resolutions View →


The protagonists of these feminist YA novels do not let their ’’imperfections’’ stand in the way of taking action as they work to save themselves and, oftentimes, other young women. At fourteen, Macy Cashmere, star of The Disturbed Girl’s… View →

Cover: The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary

The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary

“Nonieqa Ramos’s The Disturbed Girl’s Dictionary comes at a relevant time and with a powerful and endearing cast. Macy’s story is necessary and unique, and both she and NoNi present voice and narrative unlike anything we’ve seen before.”—Amy… View →