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Cover: Stage Dreams

Stage Dreams

“Melanie Gillman’s beautifully crafted YA graphic adventure reveals the hitherto little-known historic diversity of the Old West.”—Emil Ferris, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters View →

Cover: Sincerely, Harriet

Sincerely, Harriet

“Thoughtfully and lovingly illustrated, Sarah W. Searle deftly weaves together a gentle tale about chronic illness, and the power of storytelling to bridge gaps between people across social and generational divides.”—Melanie Gillman, author of As the Crow Flies View →

Cover: Artie and the Wolf Moon

Artie and the Wolf Moon

“A love letter to the power of family to help you grow, heal, and find yourself . . . As rich and immersive as a big family dinner.” —Melanie Gillman, Stage Dreams View →